Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mad Men Casting Call Favorites

I probably don't need to mention that Mad Men is my favorite television show... but I suppose I just did! The Mad Men Casting Call is up and running again this year and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite entries.

Flipping through the photos has inspired me to enter the contest.... next year...

Whitney N. Wilson - Virginia Beach, Va

Rosalind - Pleasantville, NJ

Nzingtha - Jamaica, NY

Lenda Winfrey - Pomona, CA

Heather Welborn - Los Angeles, CA

Djakarta - Sherman Oaks, CA

Dellea Copeland - Austin, TX

Brandace - Dallas, TX

Audrey Elysabeth Cohen - Somerset, NJ

Anonymous - Dallas, TX

Anonymous - Birmingham, AL


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  2. Oh my gosh, amazing! These are some gorgeous ladies. I wish we could see all of them on Mad Men!

  3. These are wonderful choices. (I watch Mad Men, too, but have to wait a day for iTunes to download. No cable. Still, so happy that I don't have to wait nearly a year to see it any longer.) ciao

  4. I'm so glad you posted this. Thanks! I'd only seen a handful of brown girls when I looked at the contest during the first couple of days. I wanted to enter this year but just didn't get it together in time. Next year, though.

  5. It is the agent's job to find the best parts for the client. Sometimes casting calls are fairly generic, but other times they are very specific as to age, gender, height, build, race and any special skills or talents needed. If nudity is required, it is usually indicated up front.

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