Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pyrex Alert!

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I went thrifting today and hit Pyrex Gold!

Here's a snap of my grandmother's Butterfly Gold cereal bowl I mentioned earlier:

And here are the pieces I found today: 37 pieces total and together under $9. Thrift stores HONESTLY don't know what they have a lot of the time. I almost feel bad. ALMOST.

I found plates, teacups, and saucers with the dark green Spring Blossom print at the first thrift store:

4 of the larger plates. 16 saucers. 3 cups.

And at a second thrift store I found 7 saucers, 5 tea cups, and 2 of what I think must be some sort of sauce dipping cups or something to put cream in (they look like cups, but with no handles) of the Woodland print.

I'm debating whether I should sell these now (not including my grandmother's bowl) or keep an eye out for more pieces in the same prints and sell them once the collections are more fleshed out.

I almost want to use them for Thanksgiving!

If I ever find pieces in the Gooseberry or Pink Daisy prints, I'm keeping them for myself.

For more info about Pyrex and the official prints and colorways, check out PyrexLove.com.

ALSO: b.vikki vintage has started a crossover feature with Leila of BGLHonline, which is among my favorite naturally curly hair sites! (I've been natural since I was 14 years old, so for almost 9 years.) I'm soooo excited about this, as I've been reading Black Girl with Long Hair since it was on blogger. Please check it out the first installment HERE and leave a comment.

Don't forget to visit b.vikki vintage on Etsy!


  1. last year for xmas my mother gave me her set of 4 nesting butterfly cinderella bowls and i love them (even though I'm not a fan of gold 70's decor since that's what i grew up with). last week i found the coordinating butter dish with lid intact and got it for thanksgiving dinner - she'll love it.

    my personal fave pyrex set i own is the "Winter" or "Black Snowflake"


    I love pyrex!!

  2. Just clicked over from Jezebel - had no idea that Spring Blossom was a "vintage" pattern! My family's been eating off it for as long as I can remember (I'm 28). Every Indian-American family I know has pieces. . . my husband's family in India also somehow acquired a set :-)

  3. this is a curious information, now I have to search for the one that belong to my own family, I never expected find something like this in your site, kudos to you for this information!

  4. These Cinderella prints looks awesome in these bowls, a classy idea to keep your table always elegant. you're so curious sweety.