Monday, November 23, 2009

Vintage Black Weddings: 1958

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One more post and we're out of the 1950s and into the 60s!

I almost wish I'd done the posts in reverse chronological order because the 1960s gowns are AMAZING.

Love the long sleeves and diaphanous scoop neckline!

Yes, that is Sammy Davis Jr., his first wife Loray, and his younger sister Suzette. This picture is beautiful - and doesn't betray a hint of the turmoil beneath the surface. Months before this was taken, Sammy was engaged to Caucasian woman but terminated the impending nuptials due to the high volume of racial and death threats he was receiving. Loray and Sammy Davis Jr.'s marriage lasted only a year.

I'd rejoice in the knowledge that things are wholly different now and that something so reviling would never happen to day, but then there's this horrific Louisiana story... from last month!

Though the day was ill-fated, Loray's collar and headdress are stunning.

Deep, scalloped necklines seemed to have been popular in 1958. This scoop-necked incarnation with sheer, embroidered sleeves is gorgeous.

The model photographed above isn't a bride, but the dress she's wearing is amazing! I just couldn't leave this out. The scalloped neckline makes another appearance.

Great looking couple! Another showing from the scalloped neckline. This time in a square neck.

St. Alselm in Chicago? I went there for kindergarten!

Son of a socialite's nuptials documented in society section of national publication; this is still happening, right? Except now, the children of socialites generally aren't teachers!

These two look great together. I actually like the layered texture of the groom's get up more than the bride's this time around.

Another scalloped neckline! Off the shoulder and demi-sweetheart.

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  1. Loray is my favorite so far, can not wait for the 60's.

  2. so beautiful. this is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs.

  3. It's amazing to think that people in this country used to receive death threats for interracial marriage.

  4. so pretty! i love these old pictures!


  5. OOOoh I can not believe I found this blog! I just loooove it! So right up my alley!

  6. wow what a beautiful post, I really love every photo above, look awesome, thank you so much for sharing..keep posting, the 60s will be amazing too...

  7. Sammy Davis Jr. Never forgotten 🙏🌟