Monday, November 16, 2009

Vintage Black Weddings: 1952 - 1954

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Research for the vintage weddings posts has been so much fun! And this is only part one. I've compiled over 175 photographs total in the series and each bunch is better than the last.

I think what I enjoyed about most about this was the very visible happiness on the couples' and families' faces. When I post ads or posed photographs, the subjects are often smiling, but it's usually so obviously staged. In these pictures, it's easy to tell that the joy isn't feigned.

I'm sure no one had to tell these people to smile.

The second best thing about putting together this series was seeing all of the vintage wedding gown styles! And hairstyles! I'm not big on showing skin, so I got excited every time I came across a long-sleeved gown.

And I should mention that at 22, I don't foresee myself getting married ANY TIME SOON!

On to the pictures:

And after all my gushing, this couple, who we find pictured in media res, appear absolutely petrified. Not scared, but as blank and still as rocks!

None of the women pictured above are in the wedding party, but they're guests - and dressed to the nines! I couldn't resist the opportunity to include them in this post. Also, gloves should definitely make a comeback.

I wish these pictures had been in color. There weren't many instances of brides in colors other than white, so I'd LOVE to know what color that dress is. The cut and fit are also very non-traditional.

One gown detail that surfaced often, and that I'm very fond of, is the diaphanous illusion neckline. It's a great way to show skin without REALLY showing skin.

A lace wedding bolero! Surprisingly, that works.

Another sheer neckline.

The photos directly above and below are from a Jet Magazine wedding editorial shoot, but they're still great!

Up next: Great ads from Kodak and more wedding photos from the mid 1950s.

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  1. These photos are amazing! You are the best researcher (I'm the worst.) You must reveal your process at some point. I'm especially digging the wedding guests, especially the lady with the glasses and floral dress. I think these photos have inspired me to pull out my ratty gloves and show up somewhere (to everyone else's bewilderment) in white satin gloves.


  2. Wow that's amazing, I still remember some of them, in that times where the love was more real than now.

  3. This is terrific because there is no better emotion than having a perfect wedding specially in those times because they had a different celebration.