Saturday, October 10, 2009

b.vikki vintage Sneak Peaks #13 & 14

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Two more day dresses, both with accompanying pictures from Mad Men.

Here, Betty Draper is wearing a shirtwaist day dress in a similar pastel colorway paired with a yellow cardigan. A smart way to wear a dress like this! She's got a visible petticoat on underneath, but I think the dress would work just as well either way.

And you may have noticed, the first few pictures of the dress are betraying the sleeves I've tied behind it! That's because I'm getting the dress altered before I list it for sale. It came with puffy, ruffly shoulders and long sleeves that just SCREAMED Welcome to the Rodeo, so I'm getting them chopped off, the armholes lined like the collar, and the fabric from the sleeves turned into a belt. It'll be a vast improvement from THIS:

Another shirtwaist day dress with full skirt. This time in a blue gigham check print.

And here we have Peggy in a gingham check sleeveless shirtwaist dress... and later, Betty in a longsleeved shirtwaist dress paired with an embroidered cardigan. It's a great look with or without a petticoat underneath. Timeless and feminine.

More day dresses coming up in the next sneak peak. And next week I'll have the pieces properly merchandized (read: ironed/pressed/steamed)and displayed on dressforms. And the first of the models (actually my younger brother's girlfriend) will be over on Sunday to fit the smaller garments. The online shop should be open in about 2 weeks.

Don't forget to visit b.vikki vintage on Etsy!

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