Wednesday, October 7, 2009

b.vikki vintage Sneak Peaks #3 & 4

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I prefer the early 60s, but this bright red A-line scooter dress won me over immediately. It's more mod than a lot of what b.vikki vintage has to offer, but the neck tie cinched it for me. I HAD TO PICK IT UP! It's fitted and contoured through the bust, so no worries about this garment appearing unflattering or shapeless.

In season 2 of Mad Men, the first time we see Jane, she's wearing a more fitted dress with a similar neck tie. That season was set in 1962.

Autumn colors and a Fall print on a capsleeved, rolled collar shift dress. If this was in my size, I'd keep it. It's really perfect!

So far, all of the sneak peaks have been VERY 60s, short and form-fitting. I have some pieces coming up tomorrow that are VERY 50s in silhouette. One is a day dress and one is so evening, you'll want to go mingle with the best of 'em after seeing it.

Don't forget to visit b.vikki vintage on Etsy!

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