Saturday, October 24, 2009

More New Dresses

Don't forget to visit b.vikki vintage on Etsy!

I'll list these as soon as my new dress from arrives. The ones I used for the launch were on loan from one of my mom's knitting pals, Angie. It'll be great to have my own!

On to the dresses:

Hot pink farm-oriented Novelty print babydoll dress. 100% cotton.

Late 1960s / Early 70s Pastel Pink party dress. Pearlized buttons, high collar, quilted shoulders.

Ethnic cotton tunic with collar embroidery, beading, and studding. Cotton.

Because I'm new to this, I think I get REALLY excited while shopping and that compromises my eye a bit. These pieces are fine, but in the future, I'll DEFINITELY be more exact with my acquisitions. I want to keep to the 50s and 60s, which is far more difficult than I had imagined it would be!

Don't forget to visit b.vikki vintage on Etsy!

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