Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vintage Avon ads from 1962-1964

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Who hasn't had an Avon Lady at some point in her life? I certainly do. And her name is Grandma! It's all very convenient. And my mom also sold Mary Kay when I was younger. Still, I'm a fool with a mascara wand. I couldn't make-up a tale, let alone my face.

Anyway, I haven't shown my Grandmother this blog yet, but I'm sure she'd be delighted to see all of these ads, but especially the ones included in this post. She would have been a teenager around the time they were published.

Avon representatives of the 1960s apparently loved a hat and a skirt suit set. And how could you blame them when they looked so put together?

I have more Avon ads from 1965-1965, to which I will devote a separate post.

Don't forget to visit b.vikki vintage on Etsy!