Monday, October 5, 2009

Vintage Lucky Strike ads from 1960-1966

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Firstly, it's jarring to see a cigarette ad advertising the appetizing taste of its product. Shocking almost.

Secondly, I'm in no way advocating the smoking of cigarettes.

Thirdly, I love Mad Men, so when I came across these Lucky Strike ads, I had to pounce. Fellow Mad Men fans will remember from Season 1 when Don Draper pitched "It's Toasted" to the Lucky Strike clients. Owing, I'm sure, to its painstaking period accuracy, I wasn't surprised to find that "It's Toasted" was actually copy from 1960s Lucky Strike ads.

Fourthly, notice that there are very few women in these ads; the same doesn't follow for all brands of cigarettes, or vice ads of the era in general (alcohol), but the exclusion of women seems to be a part of Lucky Strike's branding. The glaring exceptions are a prominently featured woman and a young woman in the old standby use-our-product-and-women-will-love-you role.

Still, these are worth a gander:

Don't forget to visit b.vikki vintage on Etsy!


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